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And I linger, unwilling to return
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Friday, October 21, 2005

Bubbling within me..

Im excited!! Im having a new deck built! OUtside on the patio is just paving stones.And they are all up and down and rickety..the rain falls and collects in puddles and the dirt flows over them.So my wonderful mother has found a builder and is paying for me to have a new deck installed..then I can just step off onto a dry smooth wooden deck:) The roof overhead has been fixed by James and Rx last weekend so its drier and I cant wait til its such a beutiful area to sit out on..James got himself a chiminea last week and each evening he lights it and sits outside listening to the crackling sticks and adding coal.He loves it.Hes so healthy at the moment,Im in denial that he even has cancer.He looks good and has even put on some weight.Hes wonderful and loving and hugs me with tenderness.Hes contented and very happy.The kids happy too.She got to go to the Mount beach last weekend with Jake and they had lots of fun making sandcastles with Ezzie and Cori got her first EVER taste of salt water..Jake said she shreiked with joy.They both came home happy and stoked to have had a day together.Shes been doing well at school and hasnt got into any trouble which is wonderful.Shes funny and happy and has made a tight group of friends.This weekend is labour weekend in NZ so its a 3day holiday and the time of year when we get lots of chores done around the place and light the BBQ for the first time.We are going to have a house full of visitors and kids as its Ezzies 7th birthday and were going to party:) Luke and Kelly are coming to paint the roof at Rxys to make some money and we will have the paddocks turned over to make way for the maize soon to be planted.My garden is a blaze of color and I pick veges to eat every day.Im so happy...Im bubbling with excitment at the thought of my new deck and an extension that will be made to make the bedroom bigger.Mum has given each of us kids some money after selling her house.My eldest brother and his wife are using theirs to go to New York,then London for Xmas and my younger broth has bought SHEEP LOL with his!! Mine will be used to make the cottage really feel like ours and personalise it so I wil have a place to live for the rest of my life.
Im so stoked...Today we are off to do the food shopping to feed 10 ppl for 3 days and kids party food as well.Its going to take ages!
Anyway..as I said..Im excited:).....Hehe

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At 5:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can feel your excitment!
glad to hear James is feeling better too.
Love Sara

At 10:25 AM, Blogger Polar Bear said...

Hope the weather was nice enough! I was doen in the South Island for Labour day weekend and had a blast! Sunny Nelson, indeed.

At 9:39 AM, Anonymous Diane said...

How was your party for Ezzie?

This is a big time of year for you all, Cori has a 15th birthday in the next few weeks. Party time again! The BBQ will get quite a workout.

Wish I was there for all that celebrating. Give Cori, James and yourself a big kiss from us.


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