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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Whooping Cough! Yuk

I had a dreadful night,Thursday night.So much pain,coughing every ten mins and not sleeping a wink! I went back to the doc and he gave me another week of prednisone and some antibiotics again.I felt so lousy and wasnt sure how Id get through a weekend like that...
Then we were having a family dinner with the teenage terror and the phone rang.It was Jack,my doctor.He said the blood test results that Id had done on Monday had come back and Id presented positive for whooping cough!! and he said it was no wonder I felt so lousy..a double whammy..whooping cough and pleurisy..How unfair is THAT.But since Ive been sick for weeks now it was kind of a relief to have some diagnosis that explained why I felt this way.The treatment is still the same.
BUT..how third world! We have lots of political refugees here from Somalia and other countries that bring in infectious diseases.They dont even need screening and they have a lot of TB also.Its unfair considering the tests that I had to go through to get residency in the Sates...the Somalis are not well liked here.They dont work,the taxpayers pay for their lives their cars,their medical treatment and they dont contribute anything.
Now I have to be very careful cos I dont want to give it to anyone else though the doc says I should be past the infectious period...So In the last 12 mths,Ive had shingles (reactivation of the chicken pox virus) 3 UTIs and now whooping cough.All viruses!!! He says its cos Im run down..I dont know but Im now taking mega high doses of vit C and B and probiotics.Ive been sick long enough and Im SO over it!
But I did get a lovely treat yesterday.My friend sent me a parcel with slippers,a scarf and some warm spotty socks with a note to say KEEP WARM!.That made my day better so thanks Robbie:)

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At 9:14 AM, Blogger sleeplessinoklahoma said...

You poor girl!! How horrible!! At least now you know what you are fighting. It is no wonder you are run down--a loved one's illness does that to you. Try taking Vit E, & a good vit/mineral supplement also. Get lots of fluids-that will, as you know, clear out the crap in your lungs. Maybe you should take to wearing a mask in public ~smiles~ so other peoples' germs can't attack you. NZ needs to have tighter control on their immigrants--at least where testing for infectous diseases are concerned.
I will be praying for you.
Stay inside & take care. Make that kid wait on you & James!!!
I love you sister-friend!!!

Blessed be...

At 1:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Immigration being so liberal here has spawned some problems, which, being American,I can relate to.
Somewhat the same problems, but being an island, much more complicated.


At 9:39 AM, Blogger Gary said...

I hve a feeling you are right abnout the whooping cough. I think it's one the increase in Ammerica too.

Hope you are feeling better.

At 7:44 PM, Blogger Chana said...

oh honey, i'm so sorry you are sick. I can read how upsetting it is. I realize how much you want to do and have to do and how this is not how you want to be spending your days...I don't know why you are sick but i know how hard you have worked at keeping it all together. Hang in there honey. Prednisone will make you hungry often but it does work. I can imagine how scary it must be hoping that James and the kids don't catch anything..put it all in God's hands. He can deal with much more than any of us.
I hope you have some help. I think you need lots of rest. Your poor body and heart and mind need some TLC...Ask, if possible, for some extra help. It might be hard, specially since you are the one who does the taking 'care' of but i think you need this sweet.

I thought of you often in my trip. I don't know how to explain it but you were with me always. I looked at such beauty and the strength and peace 'it' showed and thought of you and your courage and stregth and commitment and love. I wanted to send you some of the joy i felt... I wanted you to share with me, the calm it brought me....

Hugs, kisses, best wishes and lots and lots of love....hello to James...

At 2:14 PM, Blogger Polar Bear said...

Hey, I'm worried about you. Are you better yet?
Take good care of yourself. Hope you are keeping warm and cosy. We've had a few cold snaps.... and I'm sure it doesn't help to be feeling physically ill.

Stay warm and cuddle up with James.....


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