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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Raglan on the west coast

Before we bought a few acres in the country this place is where I went to seek solace and peace.I would sit up on this hill for hours getting my thoughts together and wondering what to do about this or that.The sea always helped me to think.
Now all I have to do is look at the picture and I can remember the feelings and how calm it made me.Now its impossible to sit outside for every long in the sun without worrying about getting skin cancer! Life has changed so much since we were kids.
We didnt have to think about global warming or sun exposure or eating bbq meat.We didnt have to worry about anyone kidnappng us or about locking up our houses.
Life has changed so much.Now the kids have to be covered in sunblock,they cant walk up to the shops by themselves and we have to shut the windows at night instead of having fresh air blowing in.
Luke bought his kids a little motorbike today and they love it..theyve all had a go around the paddock.We try everything to make sure the kids are not sitting in front of the TV all day or playing stupid video games.When they come here,they dig huge holes,they help burn the rubbish,they run around the track,they hide from each other in the long grass,they climb trees and they have fun.
We watch them all the time but from a distance..they need to learn to be kids.
They climb up on James hospice bed and use the remote to make the end go up and down and the head up,end down...they vibrate it and they laugh so much.
Weve told them we will have a bbq tonight but its so windy...
Gary was mentioning the weather on his blog and how much its changed..well it has here too...we have huge icebergs floating just off the coast of New Zealand in a never-been-seen before phenomena..The weather is changing and global warming is happening.We are in summer now and its still cold as with a wind thats been here for 2 weeks relentlessly...I like to be able to find a sheltered spot and take my coffee outside.(Thanks Diane..it arrived!!! Love ya)
But..Im thinking..hasnt life changed so much in the last few years or is it just cos Im getting old????

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At 6:14 PM, Blogger Chana said...

My life in Boaco was totally different than the one my kids are experiencing..and it's beyond the obvious, the fact that we are in different countries and cultures for i wouldn't be able to do half of what i did now back in Boaco as a child.

things i'm different. they are different and to me they are not better. there is much of progress that i'm grateful for. without the internet and technology as such i wouldn't have met you but we have given up much more for all this progress. society has lost touch with each other. communities are not what they were. humans have lost much consciousness. we have become more wanting, more self centered. the priorities are different. families are no longer the center of marriages or people....

that is why we have to make sure that we, individuals do as much as we can to teach values, morals and responsibility. to each other and to our earth..

just my rant, sorry...

the pic is beyond my dreams..i would love to sit there too..

i thank you for letting the kids be kids. those children are lucky. you all are lucky. i went and read Jakes blog..i am so happy for you that you have such a good son. you have done good..

hugs to you and James and the rest of men, lol..

much love to all.

At 12:58 PM, Blogger Dr.John said...

You are right of course. When I was only twelve I rode from home to my grandmother's house on my bicycle. That was about ten miles. I went alone and nobody even worried. Times are not as nice for kids.

At 1:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Icebergs in New Zealand? Only Kiwis can figure out how to serve their country on the rocks!


At 2:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Morning Dear Butterflies,
Times sure have changed, but there is always going to be a special spot if you look... Thank you for sharing such a precious memory. I can hear James laugh with the kids around. We are looking after my 10 yr old nephew for the weekend and having a great time.
Thinking of you always

At 8:01 AM, Blogger Polar Bear said...

Things have changed, the weather growing more unpredictable. It WAS really windy all weekend. And today the forecast for some areas to have hail.

It's a shame that kids now have so much to worry about - how they can't just be kids. But then again, I was never a kid myself. And look how I turned out (ha ha).

The picture is so beautiful. We are so lucky to live here where such beauty is never more than a few hours' drive (or less).

Take good care,
Polar B.

At 2:24 PM, Blogger Gary said...

I love that view. We have the Gulf of Mexico only an hour away, but it isn't scenic at all. What I see in the photo reminds me of the California coast. I can see fhy you loved it so much.


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