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Saturday, September 27, 2008

What I See

While I lived in the States for a yr I began to gain weight again..5lbs.I know it doesnt sound like much but considering I was 54kgs 7 yrs ago and am now 58kgs,its a big shock to my system.My body no longer looks like it belongs to me.Its the body of an older woman (which of course I am).Its changed and developed,some would say it needed to.Until I was 45 I was the same weight as I was all through high school.I didnt put on weight until I met James and I slowly began to eat,drink and be merry.
My boobs grew and so did my hips..my tummy poked out instead of the once flat one that Id known all my life.I have gone through times of hating this body.
Now though,I have started to love it once again.It is the body of a woman..the women that Rubens painted in the 1600s..real women.
Im a size 6 instead of the 2-4 I always was..But I feel mature now.
Im not skinny anymore..or thin.Im rounded and curvy.My face has filled out.I look healthy.Everyone comments on that.
I wear the same kind of clothes but somehow they look different.
Im happy,healthy,loved and cared for..It shows on my body:)

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At 12:58 AM, Blogger Oklahoma Farmgirl said...

You are BEAUTIFUL my dearest sister-in-love!!! New body, new you, new beginning, new life. All that you deserve & so much more.

That painting looks like my body. WOW!!! I will no longer look at myself the same way again either. THANKS!!! for the reminder that beauty comes in all sizes.

May all your roads lead to the High Country!!

Blessed be...

At 9:52 PM, Blogger Cazzie!!! said...

Oh my, doesn't fate work in mysterious ways? I was trying to find the name of the artist who painted these paintings the other day. Let me explain..my Aunt, when I was little, had this very design on her bathroom wall..it was wallpaper. I was trying to assimilate the ideals of what seemed voluptuous and healthy years ago..to the way people seem to think we ought to be now..thin and waif like, no meat on the body, a pogo stick perhaps? LOL
Thanks for the tip, un beknownst to you...
And, I am pleased you are happy, loved and healthy, it is all a person needs :)


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