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Monday, November 09, 2009

Abusive behaviour

I watched the Diane Sawyer interview last night with Rhianan about her beating from Chris Brown.
Some points really stood out to me and made me remember tha abuse that I have put up with in previous relationships.. (verbal and physical)Im thankful to be away from that now but there are some important points that need we need to be reminded of.

The abuser will minimalise it..they will say Oh it wasnt that bad..even verbal abuse that reduces us to tears.
They turn everything around so that they appear to be the victim..Eg..Im so sorry I cant believe Im so stupid to do this to you etc..
You live to hear words of I love you from them..
You love any little crumb of positiveness from them.
No-one understands what you are going through as much as the person who inflicts it.
We feel so embarrassed that we ever loved them and we dont want to face it.
Each time another lot of anger and nastiness comes from them we get a little bit more numb and we shut down.
All of these are bad signs and we should never tolerate anything that is violent or negative or unkind.

I learnt all these things but I thought it was worth reminding us all.
Love can be blind!

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