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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Terri Schiavo

Terri has been in a PVA...persistant vegetative state for 15 yrs.
She is being kept alive by a feeding tube and has been all this time.
She is not in a coma.Many ppl do come out of comas(thats a completley different thing) but no-one can have
quality of life with a feeding tube and brain damage.She has no hope of recovery.She told her husband that she never wanted to be kept alive artificially.The courts have been arguing this case for all this time.They decided last year to take the tube out and then stuck it back in again.
Her parents dont want the tube taken out.Of course they dont.But 30 yrs ago I had to make the choice,along with my family,to remove the ventilator from my sister who had been hit by a car.She had massive brain damage,just as Terri does.
Being kept alive is cruel.At some stage we all have to accept death.We all have the right to live and the right to die....Im praying that Terris tube is taken out and that God takes her home.Really...what is death? Is it when your brain dies? Is it when your body dies.

posted by butterflies @ 7:59 AM


At 10:58 AM, Blogger butterflies said...

At 1.45pm the feeding tube has been removed.God bless Terri and take her safely home.
Lets pray that the govt wont step in and bring her back to life.
The emotive argument that she will starve to death is bullshit.She will not feel hunger.The most she will feel is thirst and thats easily addressed by giving her small amounts of spritz water that will ease any discomfort.
Rest In Peace Terri.

At 8:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think they should let her die too.

At 5:16 PM, Blogger Lost said...

All we can hope for is that she goes quickly.


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