I listen to the gentle murmuring voice
Of our city, awake despite the hour
And I linger, unwilling to return
To the television world inside — droolingmonkey

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Watermelon Slim

Last night we went and heard Watermelon Slim play.
They are a rock/blues band.I loved it and it made me laugh and smile once again. It sure took my mind off my worries.We talked with friends and I had a couple of merlots.I really enjoyed myself. Wouldnt it be good if every day could be like that.

posted by butterflies @ 9:58 AM


At 7:29 PM, Anonymous Elaine said...

his name reminds me of that cheech and chong joke, 'blind melon'.. what was his name? blind melon chitlin? he was a blues man too lol..


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