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Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Home I grew up in...

The home that my parents built because of their love for each other and for the need to have a place to raise their family has just been sold.They bought the house for $2000 51 years ago and my Mum has just sold it for $300.000.
Its sad for her.My Dad died in that house,all of us kids were raised in that home and thousands of visitors from all over the world have been welcomed there.Its a house of love.
The first year they built the house,my Dad planted the whole front lawn in potatoes.
We had great neighbours.The Sinclairs,the Moys,The Chens,the Batstones,the Shirleys,the Prebbles,the Powells.Us kids all played together.We painted a 4 square in the middle of the road.The boys dug a HUGE cave in the back yard.We ran free as kids...always at one anothers houses.It was a good life.We were safe.The boys taught me to ride my first bike(tho they omitted to show me how to stop).
My older brother got sick with meningitis and almost died.The friends and neighbours were there to bring dinner and comfort to us..and one even bought us our first TV.
My sister was run over on the corner and died later in hospital and we were blessed by the street people.They loved us through all things.And we loved them too.We took other kids on holidays with us to the beach house.My Dad fixed everyones cars and my Mum was the street nurse.We had a lot of fun and we had joy and freedom in our lives.
It took a lot of courage for Mum to sell the house but its in need of repair and Mum is 76 now and doesnt need to have so much yard work to do altho she will miss her garden a lot,she can make a new one.
Its a new life for her now too.She can get a new home...she will have exactly what she needs and wants.She deserves the best.BUT...we will have to move her out of the house!! and Oh Man...she has so much STUFF! My Dad always said she has 3 of everything..and there are outside sheds to empty and sort.My Dads tools...Mums preserves,old stuff us kids have left there.Its going to be a mission:) But we will all help.Once again,as when my father was dying,we will all be there.

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At 7:32 AM, Blogger Con said...

Childhood memories are the BEST!

At 8:42 AM, Blogger Sandy said...

Oh my god...these last two posts have me on the verge of tears right here at work. That's what I get for blogging at work! What a beautiful, sensitive tribute to your childhood home. I wish you all the best...your mum, your husband, and you are in my heart and prayers.

At 8:59 AM, Blogger butterflies said...

Thanks so much Sandy.I appreciate you xxx

At 11:29 AM, Blogger Snidget said...

My grandfather lives in the house that my mom and all of her siblings grew up in. He talks about selling it, but it breaks my heart... and ours is the only family that's ever lived in it... it can't leave us!

So if he ever decides to sell... I might consider purchasing it... It has too many great memories for me.

Your poor mum... I know she is sad.

At 12:40 PM, Anonymous Elaine said...

Oh butterflies! when you talked about the price of the house it's like how can you put a price on all of that?? oh life! thank you for posting..

At 2:21 PM, Blogger butterflies said...

I know what you mean Snidge..but 300 grand? Its not worth that kind of money.The developers are going to bulldoze it to make room for units...little tiny boxes.Im not going to pay that much for memories.There is no amount of money that can pay for a memory.

At 2:22 PM, Blogger butterflies said...

Yep Elaine..there is no money that is the amount of memories.


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