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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Stick your glasses up your A....es

So today,after being fraught with anxiety over these stupid glasses I took them back to the shop for a THIRD time and told them I want my money back...no excuses,no trying to adjust them or telling me to just get used to them..I simply dont want them.So,they finally agreed and told me to go shopping while they sort out just how to do a refund for glasses made specifically for me.I had already decided that wasnt MY problem and didnt feel bad anymore.They are the ones that made me feel blind! I CAN see perfectly fine,just need help reading really tiny print but I can read price tags fine and instructions on packets.The only ones I have a really hard time with are the ones on cosmetics,written in print that anyone would need a magnifying glass for.Maybe they dont want us to read the ingrediants in case we freak out?
After wandering round for a bit and buying 2 teeshirts we went back to the shop and I agreed to have a pair of prescription sunglasses for driving and thats all I wanted in the first place! I feel heaps happier and have two thirds of my glasses money back.I had been worrying that I had spent on glasses what it would cost for a dishwasher/washingmachine/used car/paint for the cottage...etc.
James is very good today.Ive increased his antidepressants as the doc says theres a chemical imbalance going on from all his other meds..and besides,who wouldnt be depressed about dying and leaving me;)
A teacher from the kids school rang me today and informed me that the kid was spotted at the shops(actually behind the shops) at lunchtime and its only her first day back and shes in trouble already!! I wish shed behave and make things easier for all of us.
Mums new house is almost finished...the have put the gib up and the electricains have been and the plumber..the decks are on and pillars up.It looks lovely.
Its finally raining today! Wonderful heavy big drops of rain watering my garden so thats a chore less for me to do tonight,and its cooled the temps down too.Makes me think of taking my lover off to bed for some afternoon delight:)

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At 5:25 AM, Blogger sleeplessinoklahoma said...

You & your glasses!!! I'm glad a solution that benefitted both you & the optical shop was found. Note: your crack me up

I feel for Cori! She is in so much pain & is acting out. Understandable. Have you tried grief counseling for her? She is grieving & she doesn't know how to cope. I can understand. It is not easy, as you know, to face the death of someone you love. She probably feels that when James dies she will be orphaned. Poor kid, so much for such a young life. Try not to be too hard on her even though you do not need her antics right now, I know. I hope the school understands all that is going on in her life. Perhaps there is a teacher there that Cori likes that could counsel her also. But, please, get that child some help.
All of ya'll are in my prayers.
I love you...

At 11:07 AM, Blogger butterflies said...

Actually D..the kid wont have councelling.And believe me,as I am a teen councellor myself I know what shes going thru.Shes not acting out.Shes actually very happy and loves her life.As long as shes getting her own way(as all 15 yr olds are)shes cool.She loves boarding in town and its given her some independance.Shes dealing with things very well..she just doesnt want to sit around and watch her Dad get sicker.I understand that..everyone deals with grief in their own way...hers is denial.One day she will mourn but shes not ready yet.She will never be an orphan and doesnt have a victim mentality.She will have me as her mother and will have A as her second guardian.She also has her brother now and 2 families that love her which is more than she ever had before.But dont worry bout her..shes strong and resilient.Shes faced adversity a lot and will always survive.
Oh and shes not acting out..shes better now than shes ever been!!:)

At 8:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Definitely a good mother to Cori. But we all know that.

At 3:06 AM, Blogger sleeplessinoklahoma said...

Glad to hear Cori is better. Denial is a dangerous thing-I still & will always worry about her. I know how much you love her & that she will never be alone. Unfortunately, we can be alone in a room full of people who love us. Some things, as you know, reside only inside us. Your family is on many prayer lists here.
Have a blessed week. I love you!!


At 8:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Big sis is here for her if she needs me. It is good to hear that she is doing better. I know you and Dad don't need the hassles....

Thinking of you always...


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