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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Together forever

My best friend Robbie came to see us on thursday.She is also my sons Godmother.
She came to see me and James and of course Jake.
She bought nice munchies and wine and a present for us.Mine was a garden plaque that says "she who plants a garden plants happiness" and some lovely smellies..She bought James an All Black (our international rugby team)Santa..hes sitting on our TV just by James lounge bed.
Her and I walked the paddocks with Red Dog and we talked and talked.She helps me so much.Because shes known me since we were 15 she can predict how I will react to things.She tells me Im doing really well with James.She was shocked at the sight of him.Hes so thin now and frail.He doesnt talk much,spends most days reading and sleeping and when hes awake,he eats icecream.He looks at me across the room with a smile that melts my heart.He holds my hands and we cuddle together in his bed.His hands and feet are freezing cold even tho its warm here now.
As Robbie was leaving she went to spend some time with james,which left both of them crying.She told him that he had made me happier than anyone ever had..she said he had given me life and that she would always have my back,whatever happens.
I have that knowledge...just as I had hers when her 16yr old son drowned in a lake.Weve been through so much together.Weve both lost sisters too.We have a bond that is unbreakable..a strength that is beyond understanding.
Shes a marriage celebrant and a funeral director and a deaf interpreter.She runs a staff that manages lives of disabled ppl.
James loves her.He told me that hed never known anyone to have a better friend and hes so pleased to know that when the time comes,she will be there.
Just as all my wonderful blogger friends are.We are family. Thankyou.

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At 8:56 PM, Blogger Chana said...

God Bless Robbie not only for her kindness and charity towards others but what a friend she has been to you throughout the years. and thank goodness, you have each other, as i'm sure you take care of her, she takes care of you. yes, we are a family. our love runs in our veins and the miles between us don't stop our hearts from loving each other. and yes, we all love you deeply and pray for you all and wish you the best. but she can physically hug you and tend to you and get you a cup of tea-i wish i could do more than just words. and so i'm deeply grateful that she will be there physically along with her most beautiful heart to watch out for a friend that bonds us together too.

in all your suffering you are wise to see all your blessings. James has come, to lighten the way and make the journey a precious one. i'm so thankful that you both have had this lifetime to realize what most only dream of. the real stuff. the true and real stuff.

thank you James for loving our Bev. thank you James for being the most perfect of gifts along with Jake to a dear woman who loves with all she has.

thank you Robbie for being you and helping our friend. take care of her for all of us.

i love you. i'm so happy she came to visit and bought you joy. let her help you. let her her your words and your fears, your laughter and wipe your tears.

and know that no matter how silly our life gets. how much we think we are hurting or are worried, never, not a day goes by that you are not forefront in my/our hearts.

always with you girl. my love to you all. XOXOXO

At 2:49 AM, Anonymous Autumn said...

I have recently started reading your blog, so I am not sure exactly what is happening in your life, but can basicly tell that your husband is ill. I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and your family during this holiday season and will be back to read more..

At 4:18 AM, Blogger Gary said...

You are lucky to have such a wonderful friend like that.

By the way, what about a MAN who plants a garden? :)

At 9:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

HI Autumn,thanks for dropping by ..James has lymphoma(cancer).He was diagnosed in oct 03 and told he had 6mths to live then.Weve had 3 more years:)
Gary: The plaque does say both..she who plants a garden plants happiness and he who plants a garden plants happiness.I will try and get a pic of it;)

At 9:41 AM, Blogger Polar Bear said...

You are so lucky to have such amazing people in your life. I believe that what goes around, comes around. You've given so much of yourself, and you have been so blessed with good people in your life. You certainly deserve the very best.

At 9:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kindred spirits...souls destined to connect. It's beautiful.

At 2:31 PM, Blogger Dr.John said...

It was so good to read that you have such a friend who will be there when you need her. Everybody needs a friend like that when grief comes.

At 7:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am very glad you have such a special and wonderful frined who knows you so well. That is very special and hard to find.


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