I listen to the gentle murmuring voice
Of our city, awake despite the hour
And I linger, unwilling to return
To the television world inside — droolingmonkey

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


A new morning comes.
The days become the nights.
The nights are as the days.
Time is irrelevant now.
All that matters is the look from my love.
The "I love you Baby"
The "come lie with me honey".
I live for the words as he lives for me.
Love is a srong scent,a warm kiss.
Its all around us and within us.
We cannot bear the end.
Holding on for ever,never letting go.

posted by butterflies @ 8:23 PM


At 4:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Days into nights, nights into days....it does not matter what the hour is as long as the time is spent being with each other.
Love is eternal, crosses borders, realms and time. Love is more powerful than anything but the God that created it.
Take the time to hold on, and know our prayers and thoughts continue to be with you both...night and day, day and night.

At 10:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You hold on Butter.Weve all seen how much you love James and most of us are envious.Thinking of you and sending good vibes.
LOVE you..Max

At 12:04 PM, Blogger Polar Bear said...


Keep hanging in there.

Love, Polar B.

At 4:15 PM, Blogger Dr.John said...

Yours is a very special love. We keep praying for you.

At 8:31 AM, Blogger Mimi said...

You have such a wonderful appreciation for life and love. I just wish it was not so hardly tested. If more people had your outlook the world would be a better place.

At 6:11 PM, Anonymous Templar said...

Lovers never part or have to say farewell...they just wait until they meet again.


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