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Thursday, June 09, 2005

The shoe thief

Ive finally discovered who the SHoe Thief is!
We always knew that there was a theif at the cottage who stole ppls shoes.They would disappear mysteriously at any time never to be seen again.WELL...this morning I caught her IN THE ACT..it was Red Dog!! I saw her out of the corner of my eye taking off with something in her mouth.I looked out the door and James shoes were gone! We went all over the place searching and found 3 EZZIE shoes all different and none a pair and 1 of James but we cannot find the other!!
After talking to Jake Ive realised that its only been happening since Gracie died so I feel that Reddog is having a wee problem with ownership and loss.The shoes we found were close to Gracies grave.Maybe Red is feeling that she wants to give Gracie something that Gracie can associate with and smell.Its quite sad and Im more determined now to get a puppy as soon as Im feeling better so Red can have a dog playmate...Ive tried without success to get Red to show me where the other shoes are but it will just have to remain one of those dog mysteries.

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At 1:03 AM, Blogger sleeplessinoklahoma said...

How very sad for Red Dog. It does sound like she is grieving. I had 2 cats that were inseparable. Miss Kitty & Spunky were both inside only cats. When Miss Kitty died, Spunky became an escape artist. Went out any time a door opened & we would never notice until we got to looking around the house for her. She would also scoot out any open window. We always found her sitting on Miss Kitty's grave. We finally just let her come & go as she pleased. After that, when she wasn't sitting on Kitty's grave, she was sitting in the middle of the street. We would retrieve her. WE had gotten her a new pal, but Spunky would have nothing to do with the new kitten.
Early one morning, just before Jason went to school, a car hit her. I have always said she committed suicide. SHe was just so sad. We buried her next to Miss Kitty, her best pal. Who says animals have no feelings. They feel loss very deeply.
I hope Red Dog takes to a new friend, but if not keep an eye on your shoes.
Love to all!!!


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