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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Well Rested:)

On Friday night I went to bed at 12pm and woke up at 10am..sat night I went to be at 12pm and woke at 9.30 so I feel SO much better..I had been getting so tired staying up with James all night until he settled and I was such a mess..Id been getting headaches and felt weepy and stressed.
Yesterday was productive.I cleaned the house,dusted,mopped,vacced and scrubbed.Washed everything and cleared everything off the deck to hose it down.It was such a sense of accomplishment! I was stoked.
Then for dinner I decided to make a BBQ.It was very nice and everyone enjoyed the steaks,flavoured by the BBQ...after a while we headed back inside and then a truck pulled up.An officious white truck with a light on top..Animal control officer.
Do you have a big brown dog? he said...Oh NO,I said...we have a small red dog.
He asked to see her and he took her pic on his phone..she lay on the grass doing rollovers.He said that some woman had been joggin along the road and a big brown dog ran out and bit her.WELL! I told him that dog is never out of my sight.She doesnt wander off and had been inside with James most of the day anyway.
So as of 10am Sunday we havent heard anything more..and we better not.
I mean,you tell me...is this a BIG BROwn dog????????????

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At 11:26 AM, Blogger sleeplessinoklahoma said...

Not big & brown in my sight. Just Red Dog, as usual. Hope the culprit is found & ya'll are left alone. Soooo glad you are feeling more rested. I know you needed a couple good nights rest. You really accomplished alot! Good job!! I know how much better you feel with everything set right.
I'm having a peaceful Saturday. Just doing laundry & watching movies.
Take care ya'll!! I love you.
With many hugs, kisses, & smiles!!

Blessed be...

At 11:41 AM, Blogger Moobear said...

I am so glad you are rested. You do not know me, but I read your blog regular and knew you were in much need of rest. I also have you and James in my prayers. I love the dog btw. They got their dogs totally mixed up.

God Bless!

At 2:30 PM, Blogger Brony said...

Glad that you are nice and rested. Can you pass some of that my way?

Thanks so much for commenting on my 100th post.

At 8:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No one can tell you more than myself how relieved it makes me when you finally get a repreive from all the work and upset.

And Red Dog and I promise not to chase bicycles anymore.


At 10:57 PM, Blogger Chana said...

you are one smart cookie-i love it..can't see any big brown dogs either just Red.

it is good that you got some sleep. i hope you keep this up. i can imagine how you don't want to leave James for a second but if you don't rest, you will not feel well anyways to enjoy the minustes...just cuddle up to him if he's still awake that way you feel him close and you get some shut eye.

Thank you for your message to Sandy. you have the biggest, sweetest heart my friend.
Fri night Cuppojoe came over and the kids and i have enjoyed his company since. we went driving out in the country for hours, seeing some of the places he lived in as a kid and admiring the wonderful fall colors..it was just what i needed without me knowing it was what i needed ;p...then as were coming into the city, his dad called for us to come over and play with the pup. a something bulldog that stole my heart as much as the kids...she is a cutie and so much fun. can't say who was playing with whom..the dog with the kids or kids with the dog..

for many hours my brain rested and had fun without realizing i was doing it, so i enjoyed it without guilt which is the key...

Sandy would want me to smile and live i know..

tell me B, how and where do you get all that energy to do so much..my goodness you are a busy bee and/or a busy ant..whichever is the cutest and always on the go, lol..

you got to bottle up all your energy and attitude..now that will leave any antidepressants in the dust, lol...

i love you so much. i love James and Red as well..tell Red, bark, bark (he will understand) and James and you receive many hugs and butterfly kisses...

always with you.


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