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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Nasty Crickets!!

Since we live on a farm,its no suprise that we will get pests..remember when I got home and there was a RAT living in my ceiling????
Well now its crickets!! I cant leave the doors open even with the screens closed cos the damn things get in everywhere.I lay in bed and hear them and just know that one is in the bedroom..In the last 4 days I have killed at least 25 (much to Jakes horror!) and have placed jars over at least 40 (for Jake to remove later)..
After an extremely hot and muggy day in town with Mum,I came home walked into my room and stripped off to find something cooler to put on..Topless,I searched through my drawer and completely freaked out when one of the revolting things JUMPED onto my naked leg!!!!
I cried and screamed trying all the time to be reasonable and calm down..but who would think they could get into the drawer??? Now im not actually afraid of them.I just dont like them,or any other beetle or bug inside the house.
Theres a veritable chorus of them singing in the paddock and I can cope with that,but Im sorry...they are NOT welcome in my house!
So..being me..I rang the council.I expect them to always have the answers.
I was told by a very nice man, who was laughing at me behind his hand,that cos there was a drought here last yr,crickets have become somewhat of a BIG problem this yr and there is NOTHING that can be done!!!...That is NOT an answer to me!
Well,because I have garden..(hello..who doesnt??) there is no solution to my problem.Even if I pulled out all the gardens surrounding the house,I would still get crickets.And the cricket seasons just begun (im told).It will continue until the end of march.
If they would just stay outside I would be happy,but OH NO...they want to reside with me.Well Im armed with my trusty Black Flag knock down blowfly spray and I will continue to KILL them (as long as Jake doesnt see me).
Wish me luck!!

posted by butterflies @ 10:33 AM


At 10:58 AM, Blogger Oklahoma Farmgirl said...

Ok, sorry but I am laughing very hard right now. I can just see that happening. Sorry, sis but it is FUNNY!! But I know you were freaked out so I will try to contain my merth. LOL

My furbabies kill any crickets or bugs that get in the house. It is funny to watch them stalk their prey.

Keep the Black Flag handy (sorry Jake) & pray for a very wet season next year.

Ya know I love ya!!!

Blessed be...

At 11:21 AM, Blogger butterflies said...

Yeah it is kind of funny...
I picked one up in a tissue and flushed it but then I was a (bit)scared to sit on the toilet in case it came back..Do they drown???

Yes the next dogs I get will be terriers for sure..they love catching bugs.Reddogs useless..she just watches them! and the rat too.
It would be good to have a cat but the dog dont like them LOL!

At 12:13 PM, Blogger Dr.John said...

Sounds horrible. perhaps this blasted snow is not so bsad, at least there are no bugs.

At 1:39 PM, Blogger Polar Bear said...

It does sound a scary - particularly when one lands on your skin! I'd scream too.

At 12:08 PM, Blogger Cazzie!!! said...

I wonder if you put sausage shaped door stoppers at the bottom of each door would they still get in the house? I also heard that they do not like a certain solution when sprayed around the house. It may be un-true. They said to make a 1 litre spray bottle up with one tbsp of detergant (what you wash dishes with) and two tbsp of vinegar and the rest of water. Fingers crossed it works :)

At 4:56 PM, Blogger Louisiana said...

oh my goodness hon, do i feel sorry for your predicament. i hate bugs, i have this thing with them, they don't like me and i not them either...a certain post is coming up about that and you will laugh...

i kill them and lie, lie to Jake, lol! sorry there Jake but its a survival instict, at least for me lol. them or me, lol..

i couldn't possibly be there now to visit you. i once left my apart to a wk in a hotel because i saw a mouse in my bdrm...it could have been a squirrel too my exhusband always thought. but he was quite kind and understanding about this, always has been...

that is quite the visual of you topless looking through the drawers, lol...imagine how the crickets might have enjoyed that..

Louise has a bearded dragon that ate long ago crickets until twice some escaped and she didn't tell me...well, once i found them and after i calmed down to make any sense that bearded dragon was the first in the block to become vegan and never again was there any more bugs for her...poor thing but lettuce and veggies are it now...

thank you for the visit and comment. pls come again soon, i have been writting tons...

much love hon and pls say hi to Jake and Ezzy. xo


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