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Thursday, August 11, 2005


Yesterday we went to meet the team at hospice and palliative care.The doctors were lovely,South African guys from Johannesburg.They explained the way it all works,how there is 24 hr care available and nurses ready to come to the house whenever needed.They told us about Rainbow House,a family based place where anyone can go to talk or just hang out with others that are grieving too.
They got all our records and both told James that its amazing hes still alive! Hehe..we know that.HIs original prognosis of 12-24 mths is long gone and they were very suprised that he made it past the 12 mths.They also agreed that it was because he hasnt taken any treatments...chemo or radiation.We all laughed together and we told them some funny stories.When we went into the waiting room we noticed all the ppl with sad faces and strained exhausted expressions and we just wanted to hug them and tell them it will be ok.
When the kid got home from school we told her about Rainbow House and that there are workshops and ppl there that she could talk to if she wanted...she through the pamphlet high into the air and said** all those ppl sitting round talking about death!! Thats not for me,Id rather talk to my friends**
I dont blame her and Im sure I would have reacted the same at her age but at least weve offered and she may want it at some other stage.
It was a good day.James had blood tests to see what the kidney and liver function is like and see if hes aenemic cos he feels cold all the time.(DUH..I think thats cos hes American and cant turn up the central heating)..but his skin is cold to touch so I have to hold him all the time and rub him;)...no objection from me and its a good enough excuse.
Ive been getting some wonderful emails from ppl and friends from far and wide,with so much support and caring.James sent an email to his family saying his last request is for real coffee and if they dont send it hes coming back to haunt them!!I must admit the coffee in NZ is shit and nothing like the wonderful columbian coffee hes used to.His sisters sending some this week..thanks Diane!Its always great to get a care package.Thanks to you all for everything.I love you.

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At 3:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Babe. I packaged stuff for you all last night, 5 lbs coffee for James, 2 lotions plus a surprise for you, and a few surprise gifts for Cori. I couldn't find any California shirts, believe it or not, I found shirts (New York City, Australia, Italy, France, Mexico!) So I used my judgement and selected something else for her. One thing is a small photo album that would fit a purse. I went thru photos and inserted some of James when he was young, one of her Grandmother, one of both her grandparents, etc. So she has some memories of all of us too.

Our surprise will be at the Post Office today, Jerry offered to mail it on his lunch hour. I told him not to get sticker shock! We will try to get it to you sooner than the 4 weeks your stuff took. Love you all.

Hang in there with Cori, I'm sure all this is affecting her school work also, she is just not mature enough to deal with this. You and I have been thru a loss of loved ones, this must be so confusing to her. Diane

At 6:04 PM, Blogger butterflies said...

Oh thankyou Diane,I know how much postage is having had to send quite a few parcels home myself;)
We really appreciate you and love you.Im excited about getting a parcel and a surprise..oh and lotions!!! YAY

At 6:05 PM, Blogger butterflies said...

Oh and James is stoked about his coffee!! Hes moaned ever since he got here about ours....

At 8:09 PM, Blogger Con said...

New Zealand has so many great things, but where did they get odorless coffee?


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