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Of our city, awake despite the hour
And I linger, unwilling to return
To the television world inside — droolingmonkey

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Labour weekend

Ezzie had a good birthday:) He turned 7 this year and we had a lovely day together.
E bought him over nice and early and he ran around on the farm as usual..Jake arrived and we ate kid party food.Sausage rolls,cheerios(small cocktail red sausages) potato chips,soft drink,lollies and all that crappy kind of food that I hate but kids love.After lunch Mum took Cori into town to stay for 2 nights with a friend and me,Jake and Ez headed into the warehouse for Ez to choose what he wanted for his bday..he chose a big RED remote controlled jeep! Real boy thing.
I dropped the 2 boys off at Jakes so they could spend some time together and came home to James lying on the sofa looking very unwell.But after a long sleep he came right as he usually does and that night we went out for dinner where I ate real food..beef kebabs on a lovely fresh garden salad..and had a couple of wines of course.It was a nice day and it was nice to be with Ez again on his bday after Id been out of the country for the last 3 of them..Happy Bday Ez Wez and happy birthday to Diane too:) Love ya!

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Friday, October 21, 2005

Bubbling within me..

Im excited!! Im having a new deck built! OUtside on the patio is just paving stones.And they are all up and down and rickety..the rain falls and collects in puddles and the dirt flows over them.So my wonderful mother has found a builder and is paying for me to have a new deck installed..then I can just step off onto a dry smooth wooden deck:) The roof overhead has been fixed by James and Rx last weekend so its drier and I cant wait til its such a beutiful area to sit out on..James got himself a chiminea last week and each evening he lights it and sits outside listening to the crackling sticks and adding coal.He loves it.Hes so healthy at the moment,Im in denial that he even has cancer.He looks good and has even put on some weight.Hes wonderful and loving and hugs me with tenderness.Hes contented and very happy.The kids happy too.She got to go to the Mount beach last weekend with Jake and they had lots of fun making sandcastles with Ezzie and Cori got her first EVER taste of salt water..Jake said she shreiked with joy.They both came home happy and stoked to have had a day together.Shes been doing well at school and hasnt got into any trouble which is wonderful.Shes funny and happy and has made a tight group of friends.This weekend is labour weekend in NZ so its a 3day holiday and the time of year when we get lots of chores done around the place and light the BBQ for the first time.We are going to have a house full of visitors and kids as its Ezzies 7th birthday and were going to party:) Luke and Kelly are coming to paint the roof at Rxys to make some money and we will have the paddocks turned over to make way for the maize soon to be planted.My garden is a blaze of color and I pick veges to eat every day.Im so happy...Im bubbling with excitment at the thought of my new deck and an extension that will be made to make the bedroom bigger.Mum has given each of us kids some money after selling her house.My eldest brother and his wife are using theirs to go to New York,then London for Xmas and my younger broth has bought SHEEP LOL with his!! Mine will be used to make the cottage really feel like ours and personalise it so I wil have a place to live for the rest of my life.
Im so stoked...Today we are off to do the food shopping to feed 10 ppl for 3 days and kids party food as well.Its going to take ages!
Anyway..as I said..Im excited:).....Hehe

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Friday, October 14, 2005

James and Ezzie

2 guys I love.

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Monday, October 10, 2005

Good Results

Dr Des rang today to tell us that the scan results showed no cancer in James spine.
The pain is osteo-arthritis...I never thought the cancer was in his spine,so hadnt really worried about it.So I was pleased to be right:)
We had a good weekend tho it rained spring rain all the time and we couldnt do much.
By yesterday afternoon I was going crazy from being inside so we went to the mall and wandered around...had a coffee and met up with our mailman who I laughed with cos Ive never seen him outside of his mail truck.He thought it was funny that we had coffee out cos he knows of all the deliveries we get!!
Jake has a second interview coming up this week for a new job which would be good for him.Hes happy and healthy and has been changing all his furniture around in his place..like hes making himself a new life.Im glad to see him moving forward.
Im making fish pie and roast kumara with brocolli for dinner..and a red cabbage salad.It looks delicious and Im starving.Time to have some wine and wait for the others to come home for dinner:) CHEERS!!

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Saturday, October 08, 2005


I didnt realise how long it was since I posted! Its been a busy week.The kid has been on school holidays so Ive had her doing lots of gardening and cleaning type things (cos she has to learn you know)...Took her to town for a day and out to lunch.Then I bought her 2 new teeshirts and some teenage things that girls seem to *have to have*.Shes been quite good this week and not been grounded once!
James has a strange pain in his leg thats been going on for 3 weeks now..its a burning pain in the muscle so the palliative care doc Des sent James for an MRI which we went to yesterday...he said it wasnt very pleasant being in the big machine that banged and roared and whirred but not painful...we will know the results next week.It many be something pressing on his spine.
Then we went to my brothers farmhouse to meet Thomas,the latest farmdog.Hes a beardie,3 mths old and gorgeous.He bounds around on feet too big for his body and towers over little Ollie dog but she loves the attention.My brother had bought 3 ducks to add to his already existing male duck...but the 2 males had one big fight and the new ones left..waddled off! I never knew there was such a thing as a duck who couldnt fly...they had a long way to walk to go home:)
Last night Ian (brother) was nominated in a ceremony as coach of the year...then recieved the wonderful news that it was HE that won! Coach of the year for the whole Nth Island.Im so proud of him..hes clever and funny and good to everyone.His hockey team adore him..tho he didnt just win for being a hockey coach.
We have decided to get rid of the stupid horses who have been grazing here for free and have the land sown in maize.It will be good for the soil to be fertilized and have a new crop.They come and do all the work and all we have to do it watch it grow.I love maize crops..the wind whistles thru it and it shines brightly in the sun.
At night it glows..I love to watch anything grow.
Its been raining on and off here for a week so my gardens are pumping.But theres lots of mud around and dirty shoes...never mind.
Ezzie is coming next weekend..Yay.Its his birthday and he will be 7.We will have a party and eat kid food and cake..and Ez will love being back on the farm.
James finally found a smallish chiminea and hes itching to light it so we can sit outside at night and be warm and drink wine.Then it will be barbeque time..:) summers coming and its all good.

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