I listen to the gentle murmuring voice
Of our city, awake despite the hour
And I linger, unwilling to return
To the television world inside — droolingmonkey

Monday, January 30, 2006

Naked Sheep?

Yesterday Jake took Angie to the beach at Raglan.On the way she asked him why our sheep are *nekid*..well of course we never think about it,but she had never really seen many sheep so newly shorn sheep looked freaky to her;)
Shes been here since friday,having arrived from SanFransico and New York.Its wonderful having her here...again a big thanks to Diane who paid her fare and Kelly too.Jake and Cori picked her up from the airport at 5am on friday to scorching 30C day and hot sticky humid nights.
Jake took her out on the town on sat night and they arrived home around 3 am so they had a great time.James has loved having his daughter here and shes a lovely kid(woman) who fits in well into our lifestyle.James has been too sick to travel very far so thanks to my son,shes been able to get around more.This week she will go to Waitomo Caves with my mum.Coris been away for the weekend at the Parachute Festival working on the hotdog stand and earning herself some money so shes happy.
We are all happy and enjoying being together.Thankyou Diane and Kelly..we love you.

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Friday, January 20, 2006

Much Better

Weve had a good week and are contented and satisfied with our lives.
We had to do some legal bullshit that was unexpected but necessary for the kids smooth transition to New York later.It brings up unpleasant memories and feelings we dont want to endure but we got through it ...the good news is that James step-daughter who he raised as his own child is coming to stay,thanks to Diane...she arrives next week to stay for 7 days and spend some quality time with James.Shes a cool lady and I love her so it will be great to spend time together.It gives us something to look forward to.
Weve been for a few drives in the country..some walking round the paddocks,and James gathers wood for his chiminea which he lights every evening.Hes had his meds altered and it suits him a lot better.We can do more things tho he still tires easily.
Today I have to go and have my eyes tested.Ever since I got shingles my eye goes blurry and when we were out the other day,I couldnt read the road sign that said where to turn off...so Im due!
I wonder if my man will make passes at a woman who wear glasses?Heh

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Friday, January 13, 2006

A Time to LIVE:)

Enough of this morbid crap!!!
I cant take much more of it so now me and James are gonna LIVE!
Theres no way we live to die...we die so that we may live:)

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Final Countdown

My husband and lover is being called home.Weve been told that he has a couple of months at most to live on this earth.Its countdown time.
We have spent the last few months preparing for this moment but maybe its something one can never really prepare for.Its sad but there is joy too.I know that James will be safe.My heart is aching at the thought of losing him but Im so thrilled to have had this time and wouldnt have changed a thing.
Pray for us in this ..our final chapter.Where love lives,so does hope.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Wonder of it all..

I continue to be amazed at my James.Hes on steroids now and hes running round like a rabbit on speed!! They have definately made him feel better and have given him energy and an appetite.Most days now he doesnt even sleep like he was doing up until xmas.Hes a crackup and makes us all laugh.Sometimes we still cry but mostly we are laughing and just thrilled to be together still.
The kid has gone to surf camp this week(thanks to Phil and Millie) and she just rang to tell us about her first surf.She stood up and now thinks shes a surfer and says its way better than skateboarding!...the swell is up on the west coast and theres big waves.Shes staying with a few other Americans too so shes all stoked.
We had a lovely week with Ez..hes a beautiful child with a very loving heart.The breakup doesnt seem to have affected him too much tho when he first sees jake hes very clingy but thats only to be expected.He adores James and they call each other buddy.They *constructed* things.
My beautiful Robbie came and stayed with us.Shes so grounding for me..shes been my best friend for over 35 yrs and shes a marriage celebrant and a funeral director.Shes also a deaf interpreter and a loving mother.We had a few wines and talked til we were hoarse.It was a wonderful visit.
Tonight we are going out for dinner..just the 4 of us.Its great having my gorgeous strong son here and hes a rock for me.I can cry with him and I can have fun and laugh with him too.James adores him.
I just marvel at the wonder of it all......

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