I listen to the gentle murmuring voice
Of our city, awake despite the hour
And I linger, unwilling to return
To the television world inside — droolingmonkey

Friday, July 29, 2005

Too much talk

The kids teacher rang to tell me that the child talk too much.
He said shes a social butterfly and walks round the class talking all day.
Shes been getting into trouble for it.
She does love to talk,maybe something to do with all the years with her mother when she wasnt allowed to say fk all.
Anyway,I have to wait til she comes home to speak with her about it..more talk!!
She also texts like crazy..180 in 2 days..is this unusual?

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Fisher and Paykel ROCKS

When I arrived back from the States,I made the mistake of buying a washing machine from the Warehouse..against my better judgment..Warehouse is like Walmart.
It was a piece of crap right from day one.It wouldnt spin out properly and tangled all the clothes.Every time it got unbalanced it went back to the rinse cycle which is not a good thing when your conserving water here in the country.
So I took it back.After much hassles I finally got my money back in cash.
I took it to Farmers and bought a beautiful Fisher and Paykel Pride washing machine.
They delivered it yesterday and I jumped and clapped for joy.Its gorgeous and washed the clothes in 15 mins from beginning to end and spun them so dry that they only took 30 mins to dry.James thought I was mad,being so ecstatic over a washer but its almost orgasmic:)
Fisher and Paykel has been around for years and are the absoulute BEST..they Rock!!!

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Monday, July 18, 2005

If it werent for your gumboots..where would you be..

Its been raining here for a week now.Theres mud and slush everywhere.Its not cold tho.But you need rubber gumboots to get around outside..
I dont think the Americans are very impressed with our good ol kiwi weather.Theres not much to do except read a book or curl up by the fire...all things they are not used to and have never done before.I love the solitude and gentleness of this way of life.Ive been sick with shingles and now another UTI so Im in need of some peace.
Last night Emmie crashed her car on her way to see me..only 200 ft from our house!
It was raining and she lost control and slid into a deep drain and the car filled up with water real fast.But she didnt get hurt and thats all that matters...and luckily Ez wasnt in the car with her.We got a tow truck out and he hauled it from the depths..carrying mud and grass and water with it.It could have been a lot worse!
Coris been staying at a friends in town cos she thinks life is boring in the country.
I picked her up this afternoon and Im sure I can find some things to stop her being bored..theres plenty to do!
Jakes been sick with a virus for 2 weeks now and is still only working half days.Hes got black rings under his eyes and I worry about him.
Mums decided to build a house on my brothers farm after Xmas.Shes working out a floor plan.Its going to be a mission moving her and 50 yrs of stuff.But shes slowly clearing out things she no longer needs.
Rxy has finished my car for me and I will pick it up in the next few days..all it needs now is some paperwork and I will finally have my own car.Its blue:)I love it.
Im cooking dinner now...crumbed roast lamb chops,roast potatoes,kumaras,pumpkin and steamed cauli...with some choc biscuits for dessert
I love being home.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Gracie Dogs grave

James has finished my Gracie dogs grave.It looks beautiful.He has put a flat brick surface and solar lights on each end.I bought a huge terracotta pot and planted it with irises and pansies and we got a big steel painted white daisy that stands at the back.Her grave is at the entrance to the farm,shes still guarding the gate.Red Dog lies beside her and I know shes feeling happier as she watched James create it.We are going to have a big rock engraved with Gracies name on it..I love it.
We have also planted a nandina hedge with big red berries that leads into our cottage.Nandina is my favourite shrub.The berries are bright in winter and the leaves stay glossy green and shine in the dark..I planted some nandina for James Mum in Oklahoma so its my thing to do worldwide.Im the nandina queen:)
Every couple of days James picks flowers for our vase..sometimes berries and sometimes camellias.Hes very proud to keep our cottage cosy and clean.Hes a good man.

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Friday, July 08, 2005

Londons shock

We are shocked to see that London has been hit so hard by some cowards with bombs.
The tubes system is closed,buses stopped running and many ppl stranded in central London. There have been about 37 killed and scores injured seriously,some with legs blown off.These figures continue to change with each news report.
Terrorists have struck again.
My thoughts are with everyone who has suffered a loss and I will pray for the wonderful city of London.(My nieces cellphone cant be reached and we are waiting to hear from her).

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Monday, July 04, 2005

Tom Cruise....the wanker

Im so shocked at the comments made by Tom Cruise over the weekend.
He said that ppl with mental illness should go for a walk and take vitamins!
This was in response to Brooke Shields terrible experience with post partum depression where she felt suicidal and worthless.She came forward bravely and spoke to the world about what happened to her and helped millions of other women feel as if they could speak to their doctors about the feelings they are having.
I think shes wonderful to do that.
Im sick to death of Tom Cruise.He cant act,hes such a dickhead.Now hes all over the TV and the news grabbing hold of Katie Holmes and geting engaged to her after only 3 mths and shes joining his stupid church.What a silly girl.
Tom Cruise has managed to negate the feelings of everyone who needs medical intervention at a critical and sad time in their lives.Hes dissed the doctors who work in psychiatric medicine and who do an excellent job at saving many lives and making others feel that with help,they can cope.
So..Fuck off Tom and keep out of other ppls business.... cos your movies suck and we dont want to hear from you!!

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