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Of our city, awake despite the hour
And I linger, unwilling to return
To the television world inside — droolingmonkey

Sunday, June 26, 2005

The gorgeous doctor;)

On friday night....well,late Friday afternoon,we went to the hospital to see a doctor who had been arranged by my GP.
He is a pain management doctor for James.The thing is,hes the best in Hamilton but he no longer works in pain management anymore.So he agreed to see us anyway because of our circumstances...but he has no office! So he met us at the doors of accident and emergency and took us upstairs to where he was working...in the recovery room!!
Hes an anaesthesiologist and saw us between patients.Picture this...
We are sitting in the recovery room at the hospital in a screened off room,patients coming out of theatre looking at us strangely,all groggy.It was kind of surreal.I was glad to NOT be on the bed as I usually am and I really felt for all the patients after surgery....but Rob the doctor was wonderful..(he was also very handsome;)
He talked to us and gave James the prescriptions he needed,then hugged us and wished us luck.It was very touching and I will never forget him.There was no charge.
New Zealand is good.We can cope here.

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Monday, June 20, 2005

Roll Your Own;)

Nope I dont mean pot..heh.
In NZ cigarettes are $11-$15 a packet so James has begun to roll his own.
He bought a pack of tobacco and papers and filters and a little rolling machine.
He spends his evening rolling a tin of them for the next day.
It gives him a hobby and hes geting good at it too!

We bought a darling little heater yesterday.
Its one of those ones with flames and embers but its electric.Its like an old wood stove and looks adorable in the cottage with all the wood.Its cast iron and has a cute door on the front.It pumps out a lot of heat and makes the atmosphere romantic.
Were happy:)

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Vines,vines and more vines...

The vines that I planted around here over the years have taken over and grown like triphods!! Theres jasmine,honey suckle,wisteria,borgonvillia,roses...potato vines,all growing so fast and furious some are going up trees and over the house.So weve spent the last couple days chopping and tugging and burning them.They are really uncontrollable! They looked great for the first year but now they have to go!
James has the burning bin going 24/7 and its always stacked high with stuff were pulling out of the garden.Im still not very strong yet and my eyes are very sensitive to the sun so I cant do much or last very long,but I have planted some lovely terracotta pots with pansies and tiny blue irises.
We have got the inside of the cottage looking great and now the weather is so nice its good to be outside digging in dirt again.A life saver for me actually.
James face is constantly covered in soot but his smile is big and hes happy.He got up on the roof yesterday to fix something and clear out the gutters.
Tomorrow will be my first day out for 2 weeks.Im going to take my son out for lunch and to see Helen who is dying of breast cancer.It will be nice to get out so we can come home again:)

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Thursday, June 09, 2005

The shoe thief

Ive finally discovered who the SHoe Thief is!
We always knew that there was a theif at the cottage who stole ppls shoes.They would disappear mysteriously at any time never to be seen again.WELL...this morning I caught her IN THE ACT..it was Red Dog!! I saw her out of the corner of my eye taking off with something in her mouth.I looked out the door and James shoes were gone! We went all over the place searching and found 3 EZZIE shoes all different and none a pair and 1 of James but we cannot find the other!!
After talking to Jake Ive realised that its only been happening since Gracie died so I feel that Reddog is having a wee problem with ownership and loss.The shoes we found were close to Gracies grave.Maybe Red is feeling that she wants to give Gracie something that Gracie can associate with and smell.Its quite sad and Im more determined now to get a puppy as soon as Im feeling better so Red can have a dog playmate...Ive tried without success to get Red to show me where the other shoes are but it will just have to remain one of those dog mysteries.

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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

NO computer and SICK SICK SICK!!!

Ive finally managed to drag myself next door to blog.I cant get into my laptop cos my password has died and Im trying to get it taken to someone to fix it and crack the code!
But Ive been SO sick for days now.I finally went to the doc on Friday night and they told me I have SHINGLES! OMG!...its a reactivation of the chicken pox virus that lies dormant in the nerve endings of the body until something triggers it,,,something such as severe stress!I have it in the left quadrant in my head.It has swollen my eye shut.I have shooting pains in my head and Im extremely miserable.But Im getting better..psychologically I feel like I will live again.
Its wonderful to be home and all of my family have been to see me.My son came out and Emma and Ive been thrilled to be around Ezzie again.Hearing his little voice on the phone,seeing his eyes light up when were around,its a blessing.
OUr wee cottage is so gorgeous! We have a new lounge and bedroom suite..new wooden blinds,new fridge,microwave,washing machine etc and the house is cosy and warm even in the winter.The sun shines in every day thru all the windows and I can sit and look at the horses and rabbits and magpies and hawks and its wonderful therapy for me to just be home.James is doing great! Hes healthy and happy and also loves the farm.Cori has skipped a grade at school and is in year 10.Shes in the honors maths class and is in the basketball team.Shes happier than Ive ever seen her.My family have embraced her and shes surrounded by love.Its a good thing.
Even tho Im sick,I can see that weve done the right thing for all of us.
Im sorry I havent replied to emails..no computer means I have no-ones addys! It wont be long tho and I will be in touch again.Take care ya'll :)

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