I listen to the gentle murmuring voice
Of our city, awake despite the hour
And I linger, unwilling to return
To the television world inside — droolingmonkey

Monday, November 28, 2005

The Worlds Fastest Indian

Its the best movie Ive seen for years!! We all went last night and all of us loved it and got such a buzz.Its the story of a man with a dream...a man from Invercargille NZ who dreamed all his life of breaking the land speed record on his Indian Scout motorcycle.The story is wonderful.Its real,beautifully filmed,with a lovely family theme.
He travels to America and takes his bike to Bonneville..he has lots of adentures along the way and the movie keeps you enthralled all the way thru.If you havent been to see it yet ..GO!! Anthony Hopkins plays the lead role and the talk from Hollywood is that he will be nominated for an Oscar award.
Go and see it...you wont be disappointed...

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

School camp!

The kid has gone to camp for four days..woohhoo!
Her friend stayed last night and they left this morning at 6.30.They head straight to Auckland and to the fantastic museum there..with lunch suppiled.
Then they continue north and will go and see Tane Mahuta(the biggest tree in NZ,a kauri about 300 yrs old)..over the next few days they will stay on a marae(a Maori meeting house),go out in a glass bottom boat,go swimming in the Bay of Islands and have some time to surf too.
The kids were so excited they were up at 4am!!
It will be a nice break for us too..no kid for 4 days..peace and quiet:)
WEre going to the movies and lunch and just have a nice cruisy time together with no rushing around.Im looking forward to it..

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

David Darling

Today is one year ago that we lost one of our dearest and most cherished friends.
Dave.We all met at Dannys Blues Saloon in OKC and we got on from day one.We rode together,partied together and terrorised ppl:) He had lymphoma when we met him and had every treatment available...still having chemo,and riding to his treatments.
He was so FUNNY!! OMG he made me laugh and he had a real southern okie accent..he would tell me stories and the guys got tattooed together.Then James found out he had the same cancer and it tore us all up.We cried and we comforted each other.But we still laughed and had fun.It never got us down and if it did we would cheer each other up.Eventually,Dave went home to die at his Mums with his wonderful sister and his son.
We will never forget Dave..I danced with him and he loved to dance.He was a great dancer.James told Dave things and they shared a love of living.We salute you today Dave..Cheers brother and thanks for the memories Sweetie:)

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Sunday, November 13, 2005


I havent really talked about my other gorgeous daughter.
But I have 2 step-daughters...Cori and Angie.
You all know all about Cori.But Angies my daughter too.Im so proud of her.Shes in the airforce.Shes strong and shes tough.Shes around about the same age as my beautiful boy Jake.And the same strength of personality too.They both have children.
I love Angie.Shes grown up ....shes pretty and shes loving.After James....Cori will probably go and live with Ang in New York,because Angie is the one who can give Cori the most....love,education,individuality,..and all the things a 50 yr old cant give;)
I dearly love them both...all my kids.My son cos hes amazing,and hes been with me through all things and always supported me...The kid cos shes so...funny and loving,and Angie cos shes got such a big heart..and shes wonderful.
Im so thankful to James for extending my family..I love him:)

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

The birthday kid.

Coris 15th birthday was a day for her to remember.We had a party and she got some great presents and had a shrieking,screeching,yelling,wonderful time.She ate too much,she got soaked with the hose by her friends,she had parfaits at her request and all the neighbours could hear her:)
James has slept most of today after the strenuousness of all the excitment but he MADE it! His little girl is 15 and he got to see it.
Cori was just 11 when I met her...shes grown up now(kind of!) and shes beautiful.
Its a joy to have her as my daughter and she makes me laugh.Shes happy.
Anyway,I tried to put her pic on here but stupid blogger wouldnt do it so I'll try again later.

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Friday, November 04, 2005

Ferdinand the Bull

Who remembers that story?????
James writes a diary about his pain and when and how it happens.
The other night he woke at 1.45am and he could smell flowers really strong.
He had blocked sinuses but he could smell flowers!! when he told me about it I immediately remembered the story of Ferdinand the Bull...it was a story written by Munroe Leaf( How funny cos he was a stoner!!!)..the little bull was meant to be a bullfighter but he was more interested in sitting down in the middle of the field and smelling the flowers...til one day a bee stung him and he finally got violent!!
I wish I still had the book to show James cos hed never heard of it but it provocted strong memories in me.
Has anyone else heard of Ferdinand???????

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Ticking away...into the future.

Time is ticking by so fast..I just want time to stop.Each day that I wake and see my lover breathing is pure joy but I realise its another day thats gone and that one day they will run out.
James is tired now.He sleeps for 12-15 hrs a day and I sit and watch him.Then I get restless so I cook just as my mother did when Dad was dying.Yesterday I baked a sultana cake,James favourite and spagetti sauce and tomato relish.I wander round the garden and pull out a few weeds,throw a stick for reddog,fill the bird feeders,pick vegies,walk across the paddocks...but I keep coming back to kiss James forehead and he opens his eyes and says * I love you*....smiles and goes back to sleep.Hes wearing down..fading away.Not in his mind but his body is so small now.His jeans are baggy and his belt is notched up tighter.His cheeks are sallow and his eyes dark.
But when he wakes up late in the afternoon,we kiss and hold each other and the he goes out to inspect the lawns...mowing them every second day:)He lights his chiminea and watches the flames flickering in the early evening sky.
He reads the paper,he reads time magazines,he reads everything he can find...I bought him a huge harley book with every single harley ever made in it and he reads that.He reads his bible every day..the one Phil bought him.He is close to God and he is happy.Im happy for him but Im sad for me.I dont want to lose him.I love him.

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