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Of our city, awake despite the hour
And I linger, unwilling to return
To the television world inside — droolingmonkey

Friday, April 28, 2006


It was so exciting today..another BIG parcel arrived for us! My dear friend Sleepless
from Oklahoma sent us a care package...2 pkts of lovely coffee,a gorgeous butterfly that will match the lounge perfectly,some bath and body smellies,insence,candles...its just so wonderful to have such good friends.
And it arrived on a perfect day.So thankyou sister friend..I love you.
Last night James was very weak..his energy had left him and I sat and watched him all night,afraid that it may be the last.He has lots of spots all over him that palliative care docs say are liver spots.A sign that his liver is failing now.Hes looking tired and sick but hes still the cutest thing to me:)I adore him and love every second that I can be with him.

Heres a pic of the sideboard with the morning sun coming thru..Im loving the orange begonias and they look so good with the dark cream paint.Have a nice weekend Ya'll:)

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Night Lounge

This is where my baby sits at night.Im at the kitchen breakfast bar on my laptop.
In the foreground is a bowl of feijoas,,they smell like a smile from my childhood.

James is watching tv.Remember,the whole cottage is 54sq mtrs...I dunno how many sq ft that is but its small and cosy,I dont have much housework to do and I have time to spend on things that I love.In that small kitchen I cook for 6 ppl every night.Ecept I have rules(tho I often break them)I only cook 5 nights a week.:)

We went to palliative care today,our once a month visit.Each time we see them we all say goodbye like its our last time but we been here almost 12 mths now..hah..doctors dont know shit.James told the doctor today that hes alive cos of sultana cake and sex!

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Monday, April 24, 2006

The kitchen at night...still new flooring to be done yet:<

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Some pics..

Ok,heres some pics of the cottage.
This is the bedroom with my lovely burgandy bedspread and the patchwork I bought in Nth Carolina.

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Finally Finished!

The painting is finally all done and this morning is the first day for 2 weeks that Ive woken up to NO painter!
Its been a big job.He did the bedroom first so that James would have somewhere to lie down.Its lovely and I will post some pics of the burgandy bedspread....last night we were finally able to clean up and put the mirrors back up and the favorite Japanese etchings that Ive taken around the world and back a few times.
The colors all work so well and Ive added color with accessories.Im stoked with how its turned out.Today I have to clean the windows cos they are so dirty and dusty!
The carpet guys have been out to give me quotes...$1000 difference from one to the other! You know which one I will choose..That will all happen in a few weeks as I cant handle the upheaval for a wee while.
James has been great through it all.Hes tired and slower but he sits and reads in the sun and is uncomplaining.
On Monday the painter will move over to the other house to do the bathroom.Its been neglected and paint is falling off the walls.But at least our place is done.YAY:)

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Well...Normie arrived bright and early on Monday morning to begin the redecorating process in the cottage.There have been tenants in here on and off for 10 years and its walls are tired and have numerous scrapes and bumps and torn bits.So he began on the bedroom.Ive chosen all kinds of shades of cream.Dark cream for the walls,lighter for the trim and a slight cream tint on the almost white ceilings.The bedroom took 2 days..the first day spent prepping and putting on the first coats and yesterday finished it.So the first night we slept in the lounge on the sofa huddled together just like when there was an icestorm in Oklahoma and there was no power for 5 days.It was cozy and lovely even tho I didnt get much sleep.
Last night,with the help of some strong men,our bedroom was almost back to normal.The bed was back in and the dresser and we slept there.I bought a gorgeous burgandy bedspread to match up with my patchwork that Ive carried with me all the way from Nth Carolina.The room has a warm earthy feel and the opium scented candles made the atmosphere just perfect;)
Today the painter has begun the bathroom..its the most neglected room and the paint is peeling off the ceiling.I think he will be 2 days in there.Its quite a disruption in our life having someone here all day and making noise with his loud radio and sanding tools but the end result will be that the cottage is completely ours with our own touch on it.In a couple of weeks we will relace the carpet and tiles(thanks for the money Mum).Its really important for James that he sees it al done.He wants to see me actually with my own home,made especially how we want it.
I can still manage to do my day to day things(almost) and its good to watch the progress.Its getting rather chilly here since autumn has arrived and it will be wonderful to have a clean,new place for winter.
Oh...and Im in love:)

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Thursday, April 06, 2006


On May 21st 1974 my sister died.She was run over crossing the road.
On April 6th 2006 I was given a daughter.Today the judge awarded guardianship of Cori to me and her sister.Dual guardianship.Ive got a legal daughter.
It feels like a monumentous thing!I have been raising her with James since she was 11 so nothing has really changed but its ...I dunno...Formal:)
We have all been brought together by love.Gods love.
Next week we are having the cottage redecorated.It will be a major upheavel having to move the furniture and take everything off the walls and having another person in our space for a couple of weeks but James really wants it done now.He wants to see it.Today, he saw his daughter stand up before a judge and say that I am her mother..I was proud of her.Shes grown up a lot lately.Shes cut her long hair off and wears a straight shoulder length bob.Its cute.She loves her life.Im happy for her.She had a miserable childhood and she deserves some unconditional love.Now she has 2 families (including a brother she adores) all round the world ....and we have her too.
Life for me gets better as it goes along.

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Mums new house

My Mum moved into her new house on the weekend so we went and took her some things she needed.The house is really lovely,sitting high on the hill overlooking the 2 lakes on my younger brothers farm. Its facing north and is filled with sun all day.The colors shes chosen for the walls and carpets are a soft cream.Shes yet to buy a new lounge suite and curtains for the lounge but Im so happy for her.
There was a feeling of real sadness though that my Dad was not there to share it with her.His death from cancer 5 yrs ago rocked my foundations so profoudly that I left this country to go and live in America.My Dad would have loved to live there...its peaceful and calm and he adored my brother.They were fishing buddies and great friends.
Mum was kind of sad too but excited and thrilled at the same time.This is her new home and after living in the old house for 50 yrs it was well deserved.She loves all her new appliances and new shower and shes so happy to have everything as she chose them.Her choices were good and tasteful...not old ladyish as we thought she might;)
Tho I have made her take the flowery mat away from the front of the toilet....
Its wonderful that James has had the chance to see the finished product and Mum got all teary with him when she told him that.
OUr family is content now.We dont have to worry about Mum anymore as she will always have someone not too far away.Shes a strong woman and I adore her.
I will post some pics of the house when I take my camera next time.

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Sunday, April 02, 2006

A Time to accept..

Im finally starting to feel better.The antibiotics are working and Ive begun to get my strength back although I feel as if there are a million tears just trying to escape through my eyes.I wont let them!When I look at James I feel safe and calm.He says so many things to me each and every day that I will always treasure.He tells me Im beautiful,he tells me I smell nice,he holds my hand when I driving,he runs a bath for me and fills it with bubbles,he kisses me constantly,he laughs and makes me laugh!Hes such a good husband and my only regret is that I didnt have him for all these past years.I wish we had of had children together and grown up alongside each other....but life is too short for regrets and I must stop being maudling.Im actually full of joy and so in love its hardly possible to believe.
Its all good:)

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