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Of our city, awake despite the hour
And I linger, unwilling to return
To the television world inside — droolingmonkey

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Great Day

Oh I feel so good today! I had a long talk to my brother in law Danny who I talk about on here often..hes been living with cancer for over 10 yrs and its trying to kill him! But hes so strong hes still alive and hes wonderful.
His voice was happy and his spirit positive.He even wandered out to the curb while he was on the phone with me to inspect the things his wife had put out for the trashman;) Typical man! they never want to throw anything out!!
Well hes made me feel so happy today.Thankyou Danny!
(this pic was taken in july last year at James memorial service)

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Who will be there to help?

Yesterday one of my girlfriends was in a harley shop hanging out with some of her friends just having a chat..a young boy about 12-13 came running into the shop and asked to use the phone.He was crying and he rang many numbers,none of which were answering.The boy had scratches on his face and strangle marks on his neck.
He told my friends that his mother had done it and then thrown him out of the house.
My friend rang CPS who said that because hed run away there was nothing they could do.(he ran from abuse)
It was getting on to 5pm.So they began to ring everyone,not wanting this boy to be left on the streets with nowhere to go.They rang Salvation Army who said ..not their problem,the local shelter who said hes too young to go there.They rang the police who told them that they would only be able to take him to his home(where hed been abused)..they rang numerous churches in the area and all didnt answer because by this time it was after 5pm.
So then my friend rang me and in tears,asked me what they should do.I said ring BACA (bikers against child abuse)..and in 20 mins and big bearded tattooed biker arrived and after comforting the child,put him on the back of his bike and took him to his own home where he was welcomed by his wife and his other children.
I have been having a lot of trouble lately with Christians who are supposed to be messengers of Christ,turning ppl away for one reason or the other.
There are now these huge televised churches that have a preacher on a screen and loud bands and a congregation of 3 thousand.I think they are great and will watch them online at times..but do they give you the love you need on a personal level? Do they visit you when youre sick? do they accept you unconditionally?
I know of churches that turn ppl away because theyre gay/smokers/any kind of reason to look down on ppl.
My belief is that God loves us..ALL of us.He doesnt judge or condemn.He accepts us as we are,sin and all.Of course he wants us to repent and sin no more,but we are only human and as such we are sinners.
Forgiveness is the biggest part of it all.When Jesus was hanging on the cross in wicked pain and suffering He thought not of himself but of those that had hurt him and he asked God to forgive them.
What has happened to the world that will allow a mother to produce 10 children and raise none of them? Is this boy to be thrown into the world where he will learn to lie,cheat and steal (like his mother) just to be able to survive on the streets?
Im so thankful that there are dedicated groups like BACA who help kids and not in the name of religion but in the name of LOVE..Im proud of them.

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Freedom in America

Yesterday I had my interview with immigration.The man seemed puzzled as to why I was there.He said you already have permanent residency and you dont need to do a thing!
He also told me that within 3 mths I can apply for dual citizenship!!
This is such a joy to me and such a relief.This is the land of milk and honey,of freedom and liberty..the place where my heart met my soul and where I found my love.
Im so happy and thankful that I can now spend my time in 2 countries as was James plan for me all along.
I can be with my friends here that are so good and kind to me.I have been helped by so many friends here and Im eternally grateful to them.I have found a church I love where I can sit and have solitude and sing good old hymns like Rock of Ages and How Great Thou Art.The women of the church are good kind sweet ladies that visit the sick and care for the elderly.
I talked to James brother Danny today and hes hanging in there and is one of the strongest bravest men Ive ever met..just like James.The Taylors are a strong breed:)
Its makes my heart happy to know that Danny found God.
Im now planning my trip back to NZ to see my family.I will go for a couple of mths and then come back here in time for summer.I will go to Oklahoma and ride around with Howard and be free in the wind living the same way I did before.
Some things have been very puzzling to me and Im confused but its nothing I can do anything about so Im leaving that in Gods hands.
But in general,Im feeling good.Im happy and at peace.
As usual Im thankful to my faithful family and friends.

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