I listen to the gentle murmuring voice
Of our city, awake despite the hour
And I linger, unwilling to return
To the television world inside — droolingmonkey

Friday, November 28, 2008


The smell of things really brings back memories..
There are some smells I cannot stand!
Tonight my Ezzie made popcorn in my microwave and its revolting..I dont know why I hate it but it seems to stick in my nose and it stays in the house.I hate the smell of popcorn at the pictures too.
I hate the smell of petrol.It makes me dry wretch.I cant fill up my own car and either have to go to a station where they pump it or I take someone with me to do it.And I have to keep the windows wound up.Its strange cos I was raised by a mechanic father who always smelled of something enginey and I adored him.
I hate the smell of mould.It makes me cough and wheeze.I hate stale air too.
I hate the smell of bleach,of newly tarsealed roads,of beer breathe,of old sweat.
They all make me feel negative.
BUT...there are some smells I LOVE!
I love jasmine,roses,fresh cut grass,the beach,roast dinners cooking,toast,coffee,the perfume I always wear (Aromatics by Clinique),lux soap,bananas,cheese,...I love the smell of Ezzie when hes just had a shower,I love the smell of babies,furniture polish,new cars,new leather,and familiar old leather too! I love the smell of nail polish,vinegar,olive oil,merlot,apricots,oranges.

Memories are evoked by smell...but right now,my house still smells like popcorn URRH!

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Spirit

You may need to click on this pic to make it larger..
Tonight Jame's spirit came to visit me..I had to try and take a pic of course.
Hes often here on a full moon,the one he gave me 3 yrs ago.
I can see him clearing showing through the olive branches.He loved that tree.
Its a white thin shadow ...
Hi James :)Thanks for stopping bye.Love you x0x0x0

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Monday, November 10, 2008

A new PM

New Zealand voted in a new Prime Minister on saturday..after 9 years of a labour govt (left wing like democrats) led by Helen Clarke,we are now being led by the National party (right wing) and a man..John keys..
I think the world is ready for a change but its interesting to see that while the rest of the world is moving to the left,we have moved to the right!!!
I will be praying for him too.He seems like a nice enough man,with the obligatory wife and 2 kids.Ive never liked conservatism so this is going to be interesting.

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A New World

He got the womans votes
He got the old ppls vote.
And he split th mens votes down the middle.
The first time thats happened in history.
Hes a brilliant orator.
And a devoted husband and father.
Its not his fault hes black.
I pray that he will make the USA
The World Leader, that will bring about world peace.
The Usa can once again lead the world in deplomacy
technology,industry, and horticulture,
freedom of thought and of speech.
I pray that they,the USA, will be the leaders of peace.,
of democracy and goodwill.

Its uncivilised to go to war now.The europeans dont have wars.
The scandanavians dont.Its possible to not have wars.
America is a christian country and thats all about forgiveness.
OK, Al Queda(wherever they live who knows?)
deserved an ass whooping for what they did on 9/11.
Isnt enough,enough?
I pray that we will all become an educated,wise,caring people.
I am so happy to be here,at this moment in history.
God bless America.

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