I listen to the gentle murmuring voice
Of our city, awake despite the hour
And I linger, unwilling to return
To the television world inside — droolingmonkey

Monday, February 27, 2006

The Commune

OUr place has rapidly turned into a commune.In the big house is my ex,we are in the cottage,Jakeis in one of the outside buildings,and on the weekend,exs brother left his(nasty,horrible,mean)wife and moved in here.
Its all good.We are all great friends,theres lots of male company for James to talk motors and stuff with,theres lots of strong males about to help me and we all care a great deal about each other.So I shall be cooking for 5 pple every night but thats not a problem.I dont do dishes so thats good.We all have something to be able to offer each other and it will be fun.The weathers turned cool now that autumn is almost here so the evenings find us outside with the chiminea burning,drinking wine or beer and telling jokes.James is better yet very tired.He sleeps a lot but hes good at nights..we stay up together wrapped in a blanket on the sofa,cuddling and eating mums homemade cookies.Im so thankful for my friends and extended families.

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Friday, February 24, 2006

Hard week..

This has been a week of struggles.It began when James got an abcess on his back tooth and we had to take him to an emergency dentist to have it removed.The dentist told him *this will take a few mths to heal*...to which James replied *can you promise me that!* ..all that was funny at the time but over the next couple of days the poison really attacked his system which is severley compromised from lymphoma.He lay in bed for nearly 2 days,hovering between life and death.He had a fever and he was in a lot of pain in his liver and stomach and so he ate nothing.I fussed over him,tried to make him drink water and wiped his brow...kissing him and standing watching to make sure he was breathing.His breaths were so shallow that I even rang hospice.Then yesterday he arose!!! He got out of bed as if nothing had happened and wanted to go to town.We had to go to the doctor and he was assured to keep on with his antibiotics and eat as much as he can cos hes lost so much weight.So last night we had fat steaks with hash browns and salad and crusty french bread.James ate everything! We went back to the fish aquarium shop and bought an electric air pump cos as Gary pointed out,we were chewing through batteries at an alarming rate! This new pump is quiet and makes gorgeous little bubbles all over the surface.James delightedly installed it when we arrived home.
After dinner we had a lovely night of lovemaking and closeness and cuddled til the sun came up.It was so nice to have my man back in the land of the living.
And when we arrived home from town there was a BOX! in the mail from Diane.It contained a 5lb tin of coffee for James,Palmers cocoa butter for me and lip balm and a gorgeous top for me which I wore immediately.No-one knows how much parcels mean unless theyre stuck at home with illness surrounding them.It was a great day!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Wine barrel fish ponds

Ive learned a lot about how to make a pond this way.First of all,you have to fill it to the top and let it sit until the wood swells...leave it for a few days.Then put into the water,1 cup of baking soda to kill the tannic acid thats left from the wine.Then empty it and refill with clean water and let that sit for a week...Then introduce the fish.After a day my fish were starting to gulp air around the top so that was solved by buying for $25 a small battery operated airator.Now its fantastic and the fish are very happy.I have 2 small goldfish and 2 big ones,rescued from the other house here.They also have nice waterlillies to hide under...I am getting so much pleasure from them and its such a peaceful place to sit.
The mornings and evenings are cool here now and it almost feels like autumn.This morning was thick fog! We need some rain badly! Its been at least 2 weeks since it rained and everything is so dry,and the water tanks almost run out.Thank goodness we hooked onto town supply a few yrs ago.The guy next door had to buy 2 tanker loads of water yesterday at $180 each!..the days still get up to 30C and its bloody hot!
Heading to town early today to miss the mid day heat..if I can drag james out of bed.

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Fish Pond

Last week while we were at the garden centre we came across these old wine barrels which we thought would be great to put some fish in...It fits nicely on the end of the deck and is shady and cool for most of the day.There wont be enough sun for water lillies but the fish will appreciate the shade.Weve left it with water in and keep overflowing it to get out the tannins from the wine.Im pleased with it:)

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My Son

This is my boy.His birth gave me life.Hes wonderful.He gives me strength and he keeps me laughing.He was an easy child to raise,really cruisy and intelligent.Im so thankful that hes come home to live at this time..to be with me while James gets sicker.James adores him and they have deep respect for each other.Im so glad that Jake got to come and see America and how we all lived there.Thanks son for being there and helping the way you do.I love you Jake.

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Saturday, February 11, 2006


One of my best friends is a parapalegic.He broke his back in a bike accident 27 yrs ago and has spent all this time in a wheelchair.But,it doesnt stop him doing anything.He cooked lunch for us today.He made crumbed fish and chips and salad and ham with pineapple.With no effort.He has a big chopping board on his knee,mixes the egg yolks,cuts up chips..putting everything into a wall oven and making a delicious meal.We had a lovely few hrs with him.
He never ceases to amaze me.Nothing much fazes him.His wheelchair is electric now cos hes torn his shoulder.He still walks his big german shepherd,still gardens,and still parties.The things we all take for granted he has mastered.His disability has made him strong.
The doctors have all told him hed never make 40..hes almost 50.Im proud of him.

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

The kid..naughty but happy..

Heres the kid in all her glory.She looks as if butter wouldnt melt in her mouth.
But..shes my daughter.Strong,headstrong,funny,happy,always misbehaving ..and we love her.

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Stick your glasses up your A....es

So today,after being fraught with anxiety over these stupid glasses I took them back to the shop for a THIRD time and told them I want my money back...no excuses,no trying to adjust them or telling me to just get used to them..I simply dont want them.So,they finally agreed and told me to go shopping while they sort out just how to do a refund for glasses made specifically for me.I had already decided that wasnt MY problem and didnt feel bad anymore.They are the ones that made me feel blind! I CAN see perfectly fine,just need help reading really tiny print but I can read price tags fine and instructions on packets.The only ones I have a really hard time with are the ones on cosmetics,written in print that anyone would need a magnifying glass for.Maybe they dont want us to read the ingrediants in case we freak out?
After wandering round for a bit and buying 2 teeshirts we went back to the shop and I agreed to have a pair of prescription sunglasses for driving and thats all I wanted in the first place! I feel heaps happier and have two thirds of my glasses money back.I had been worrying that I had spent on glasses what it would cost for a dishwasher/washingmachine/used car/paint for the cottage...etc.
James is very good today.Ive increased his antidepressants as the doc says theres a chemical imbalance going on from all his other meds..and besides,who wouldnt be depressed about dying and leaving me;)
A teacher from the kids school rang me today and informed me that the kid was spotted at the shops(actually behind the shops) at lunchtime and its only her first day back and shes in trouble already!! I wish shed behave and make things easier for all of us.
Mums new house is almost finished...the have put the gib up and the electricains have been and the plumber..the decks are on and pillars up.It looks lovely.
Its finally raining today! Wonderful heavy big drops of rain watering my garden so thats a chore less for me to do tonight,and its cooled the temps down too.Makes me think of taking my lover off to bed for some afternoon delight:)

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Slow Motion

Im not blogging with much regularity lately.Since Angie left Ive been exhausted and sick all day yesterday with some kind of stomach bug.I do feel better today tho.
At least we got some nice rain yesterday to water the poor dry garden and it looks fresh today.
Ive been so busy that I havent had time to think.James is tired but ok and we dont really go very far these days.We spend most of the time sitting out on the deck looking at the garden and talking and drinking coffee.Last night there was a wicked lightening storm..but no thunder.It was isolated to one huge cloud,quite far away but spectacular when it lit up.
I got my stupid glasses the other day but Im finding them so hard to get used to! Its fine when I look straight ahead but when I try to read I have to tilt my head on the right exact angle and its bloody annoying!! Im going to go back to my $2 shop glasses for reading and just wear these new ($700!!) ones for driving! Waste of money! Thank goodness Mum paid..lol.
The sun is beckoning me and its coffee time.

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